Eric KirkmanEric began working with John McCracken & Associates, Inc. during the summers while in high school. After a brief period working for the Archdale Parks & Recreation Department as head counselor for their afterschool and summer camp child care programs, he returned to JMA, taking a part-time position while attending UNC Greensboro. After graduating from UNCG with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies, Eric joined JMA as a full-time administrative associate in December of 2004.

Eric's job duties have changed a lot over his years with the company, thanks to the continuing advancement of online and offline technologies used by JMA, its clients, and county agencies. His primary roles in the company are as a research assistant, overall assistant to the appraisal staff, and also an IT associate. Through his years with the company, his adeptness with computers and various software has helped in the creation of high quality digital exhibits for JMA products. He also spearheaded the utilization of GIS software and data to aid the appraisal and reporting processes.

Eric currently serves as Project Coordinator, managing projects and staff assignments, and serving as a primary contact source between the client and company on projects and assignments; in addition to his general administrative and appraiser assistance roles.


Bachelor of Science, Human Development and Family Studies, Childhood through Adolescence
     concentration, University of North Carolina Greensboro, 2004