John McCracken & Associates, Inc. is a real estate appraisal and consulting firm, specializing in eminent domain appraisals for governmental agencies and other condemning authorities.

When construction began on the majority of the nation's highway and interstate systems during the 1950s and 60s, they were built across rural land and generally undeveloped areas. Throughout the years, as population and urban areas grew, numerous state routes and secondary roadways were constructed, connecting these systems to burgeoning cities and developing areas.
As a result of ever-increasing population and traffic demands, combined with the commercial and residential development that has occurred along them, many existing two- and four-lane roadways have become congested and obsolete. These roadways now require additional travel and turn lanes, traffic lights, redesigned intersections, and in some cases, realignments to the roadways themselves to facilitate the needed improvements. The right-of-way and easement areas needed for these roadway improvements will impact improved properties (dwellings, offices, hotels, retail and convenience stores, restaurants, industrial buildings, shopping centers, etc.), as well as vacant land. Even vacant land, by virtue of the establishment of zoning districts and surrounding development, is uniquely different from the open rural acreage encountered when most of these roadways were originally constructed.
This is where JMA's experience and expertise, with its background in institutional and residential appraisal work, comes in. As specialists in the eminent domain field, JMA's staff is experienced in applying the aspects of highway appraisal work to these unique and varying property types.
In addition to highway work, JMA also has experience doing eminent domain appraisal work for other modes of transportation, including railroad right-of-ways and airport expansions.

Much like the aging highway system, the nation's power grid system has also become congested, and generally inadequate to keep up with ever-increasing power demands. As such, new transmission lines and expansions to current infrastructure are needed to maintain system stability. As these new lines are planned, new right-of-way easements will be required for the placement of lines and structures, as well as sites purchased for the construction of new power plants and substations.
With the growth of alternative energy sources like wind and solar, infrastructure needs are also in high demand. In addition to the sites needed for wind and solar farms, the greater need lies in getting the power to the grid, and for this, right-of-way easements for transmission lines will be needed.
JMA has significant experience doing eminent domain appraisal and impact study work for utility providers, including pipelines, substation sites, and transmission line easements. JMA's experience includes power line projects ranging from 138-kV to 765-kV in capacity.